Biofeedback and Addiction

Are you a recovering alcoholic or drug addict? Are you struggling to remain sober? Do you constantly fear relapsing? Studies have shown that biofeedback therapy has been very successful in preventing drug and alcohol relapses. Because biofeedback therapy sessions can help patients to understand functions and reactions in their bodies, it can also help them to learn better coping strategies.

Withdrawal symptoms can lead to stress, anxiety, and physical sickness. It can also cause depression, pain, and restlessness. Biofeedback therapy sessions can help to treat all of these symptoms and conditions that are all too frequently involved in getting sober.

By participating in biofeedback therapy sessions, the recovering addict or alcoholic can learn the reactions in his or her body in a safe environment where he or she can practice relaxation and meditation techniques to calm the body and the mind. These relaxation techniques will help to combat the many different symptoms involved in withdrawal that all too often lead to relapse.

Biofeedback therapy should not be seen as a substitute for rehabilitation programs or other programs that treat substance abuse issues, such as 12-step programs. However, using biofeedback therapy in combination with other forms of treatment can be a great way to overcome your addiction issues.

Unfortunately, there is a stigma against addiction in this country, and it is not seen as the disease that it is. Here at Nighthawk Technologies, we understand that addiction is just like any other disease that must be conquered. Many of our clients are working through their own substance abuse and addiction issues.

If you are currently facing addiction issues, make sure you reach out to the appropriate rehabilitation programs or 12-step programs in addition to seeking biofeedback therapy sessions and other forms of alternative treatment. Treating addiction is multifaceted and should be understood as being a complex series of processes. Please seek help through the following resources in addition to contacting us for biofeedback therapy.